Meet Johan Daffue

Co-founder, better known as Daf, often perceived as serious, but can display a lighter and somewhat mischievious side. Loves River House passionately and often regales guests with tales of its checquered history. Most often he will be a guest's first River House encounter as he does all electronic communications. Enjoys being a great host.

Our Philosophy

River House was conceptualised and built as a guesthouse in the late 1990's. Over the years it has hosted innumerable guests, many of whom have become firm friends. We strive to offer good service in relaxed comfortable surroundings. A great compliment as to how guests experience their River House sojourn is when shoes are discarded as well as some inhibitions!

Our Staff

Always dressed in traditional attire, on this occasion for a wedding!


Make no mistake, although Diesel is not part of the big five, in River House he is the big ONE. When he is not looking after the staff, he is probably in the bar!

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